Areas of Expertise for our Full BRAIN Marketing Speakers

The innovation in these presentations comes from the way each topic is tailored to fit the audience’s needs. From CEOs to marketers, entrepreneurs to business owners, and various demographics in between, our Full BRAIN Marketing Consultants have a knack for presenting exactly what the audience needs to hear to truly empower their branding and small business marketing efforts.

Always engaging the audience, our Full BRAIN Marketing Consultants love to use actual audience member’s branding and marketing initiatives to drive their point home, allowing the audience to leave with practical advice on how to improve their overall small business marketing efforts. Audience members always leave the presentations of our Full BRAIN Marketing speakers with practical knowledge on how they can implement corporate branding, develop innovative marketing initiatives, and empower business internet marketing and social media marketing to  use the information to their advantage, whether by getting better visibility, getting better website traffic and ranking, involving their company in social media and networks online, or simply turning their website into a business generating machine.

What is in a Brand? 
Learn how to build a brand to differentiate yourself. By identifying and articulating your unique value proposition, you will more effectively leverage platforms with a consistent message and image to achieve a specific goal.  Our Speakers will share how to identify a promise with your experience and build a relationship brand. While there are many challenges to overcome with building a brand, you can eliminate these challenges by creating a communications plan that has clarity, consistency and constancy.

How to Use Social Media as a Powerful Business Tool.
Millions of customers converse on a daily basis in online communities, discussion forums, blogs, and social networks sharing opinions, advice, grievances, and recommendations. Are you listening, connecting, and responding in a way that protects and promotes your brand? Our speakers will show you how to join the conversation strategically to engage your customers in real time by using social media as a business tool.

How to Use Social Media to Enhance Customer Relations.
New media technologies are morphing at the speed of light. People have organized via social media networks and can take momentous action together. Customer evangelism has become more powerful with the emergence of social media and enhanced sharing channels. As a business, you need to leverage word of mouth marketing to develop a loyal base of customers who voluntarily spread positive messages about your company. Learn how to use social media as a business tool to create passionate customers who rave about the services or products offered by your company and who proactively advocate for it.

Leadership Marketing Tips for Full BRAIN Marketing.
Why full BRAIN Marketing? Marketing has changed and so has the way you reach your target audience. The demand for constructive change and the speed of change in today’s world is unprecedented. Customers are embracing change and adapting to new product offerings faster than ever. Learn how your and businesses must innovate to have any reasonable chance of growth.

Responding to Change – The Power of Progress.
In this Power of Progress presentation, you will learn the essence of business development by sharing her true business experiences from startup, ramp up, and to fast growth mode.  Additionally, you will learn how to apply the paradigm shift we created in our own businesses. You will understand your own leadership style and how to apply it at work given the complexity of five generations that exist in today’s
workforce. There are multi-cultures, multi-generations, and multi-personalities in the work place! There is a method to all that madness that you can implement to ensure everyone gets along, accomplishes goals, and comes out feeling they are part of a great team.

Women at Work – Talking, Texting (omg) and Team Building.
For the first time in America, there are five generations in the workplace all under one roof. People communicate in different ways based on their age and personality type. Today, in order to be a champion leader, you need to communicate effectively while managing layers of complexity. Author of Full BRAIN Marketing shares her experiences as a certified woman-owned small business owner to help you soar through meetings
with diverse participants. She will show you how to Inspire and Decide like an Eagle; Influence like a Peacock; Be a Team Player like a Dove; Problem Solve like an Owl.

Trust-Based Selling.
Does your company value building long-term relationships with your clients? Do you identify your internal and external customers’ personality and generational styles to better serve them? Learn how to identify your clients’ styles and how to use that knowledge to connect with your clients, find out their needs, and determine if they are serious about doing business with you. By breaking down the four steps in the prospecting process, DJ will lead you through an exercise to help you identify your weak areas, then outline systems to effectively achieve your sales goals to set you apart from your competition. Additionally, learn how craft your systems based on personality and generation, including
the best way to follow-up with clients to maximize your relationship selling and building trust.

Is Your Business E-Mythed?  
Learn to Systematize and Process Your Business for Results! 
The Entrepreneurial Myth (E-Myth) is rooted in the assumption that most businesses fail because the founders were technicians who were inspired to start a business without a true entrepreneur's outlook. Learn how to identify areas in your company to which you can apply systems and processes for predictable and productive business growth. By sharing the secrets used to grow our own business over 120% in just two years, instill the new, bold attitude needed
for leadership today.

Turn 5 Leadership Tips into Reality.
How can you raise your company to a new level of performance? In the Power of Progress, learn how to press through obstacles and turn challenges into opportunities. Eight components must be in place at your company for the business owner or managers to weather turbulence that can hit at any moment

Exhibitor Booth Camp – Survival of the Fittest.
Maximize your effectiveness using a trade show booth and how to ensure a
good ROI. Identify attendee personality types and best practices on how to reach different prospects. Learn each phase from pre-show to post-show and everything in
between. As trade show marketing experts, our speakers will help you become aware of how to make your exhibit a success! This class will give you an enormous advantage over competitors at your next marketing event or trade show. It is designed to set you on the right path to meet all your trade show goals. We will discuss pre-show marketing, at-show strategy, and post-show follow-up, plus some proven trade show tips and techniques that can help your company achieve success in 3.8 seconds.

Exhibitor Booth Camp – Peak Performance.
Learn the exhibiting background as to how trade shows started and where they are today, including trade show statistics that will guide your future exhibiting decisions. You’ll discover trade show marketing opportunities using new or existing client databases, exhibiting trends, and follow-up techniques. From SEO to Social Media, you will learn how to drive traffic to your face-to-face trade show. As trade show marketing experts, we will help you become a top performer at trade shows! This presentation
provides an in-depth look at your trade show strategy, branding efforts, and current business strategies. Learn to execute a dynamic, engaging event without the blood, sweat, and tears you may have come to expect.


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