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 Monday, November 14, 2011

Google+ is NOW available with Google Apps.

Google Apps makes sharing on the web more like sharing in the real time world. You can use Google Apps at college, at work or at home.

How to Turn on Google+ App. 

Be sure you understand how Google+ works and what your users can do and how they can share outside your organization before you enable the service.  This feature can bring in a new level of communication and collaboration to your organization, but keep the following in mind before you get started.

  1. You need to join Google and create a Google profile before you can turn on the new App.
  2. Due to Google+ not being part of the core Google Apps suite, this is an additional service only if your organization has moved to the new accounts infrastructure.
  3. You will need to enable Picasa Web Albums for photo sharing and Google Talk for messaging features.
  4. Users must create the Google+ Profile to be able to use Google.  This is a profile that will be publicly visible to anyone on the web. You can choose which information in your profile to share publicly or with specific circle of influencers and what information you want to keep private. You can share content, photos and videos outside your organization.
  5. You can export or transfer your Google+ data using services such as Google Takeout.
  6. You need to be 18 years of age to use Google+ and if this requirement is not met, your entire account will be suspended.
  7. You need to create content within Google by using the name most people commonly know you as.
  8. You can select who within your organization is allowed to have access to the Google+ and enable the service for only specific users using organizational units.
  9. All users must agree to the additional non-core Google+ Consumer Terms of Service to use this new service App.
  10. Some users may have conflicting Google+ accounts and will be prompted to change their user name for their personal Google+ account the next time they sign in.
  11. Before turning on the Google+, know that your organization is solely responsible for complying with all laws and regulations applicable for the provision of Google+ and this includes all users allowed within the organization.
Now that you have gone through the manual process to turn on the new Google+ for your Organization, your users within the organization will need to sign up at  to get started.

All the Google Apps users will have access to the same features available to every Google+ user and much more. This allows you to have the option to share with everyone in your organization, even if all the people in the organization have not been added to the circle.

See example of an educational organization set up stream below.

Google+ Circles is also a great way to allow everyone in your circle of influence group you create to share relevant content with the right people and follow content posted by people you find interesting.  You can also customize your personal profile information for your circles.  See example below of a circle of photographers.

Hangouts with extras allows you to connect and collaborate with colleagues in real time. With a group video chat feature, you can video chat and web conference with multiple people around the world at the same time. With screen sharing you can give others the ability to view on your computer screen and choose an open window screen on your computer and give everyone in your meeting the ability to look at it.

To share your screen, simply click “Share Screen” at the top of your screen.  Then in the window that pops up, select your desktop or choose the window you want to present and click “Share Selected Window.”  To stop, all you need to do is Click “Stop Sharing Screen.”

See what the screen would view as below for an example.  This is even better than using Skype!

Now that you have turned on this Google+ Application for your organization, it is time to check your PROskore.  I just went in today to the PROskore website and filled out the information to measure my professional reputation score which is a 43.  I was surprised to see that the average score currently is only 25, which made me feel a little better.   Be sure to check out your metrics for professional reputation too.

Stay tuned for more cool tips and Apps in my upcoming Blogs.

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