Button, Button, Who’s got the Button? What’s New in Social Media

 Monday, July 18, 2011

Does it ever seem as if every time you blink, social media is completely different?  Social media changes so fast and so often, it can be easy to get left in the dust!  So just in case you have been out of the loop, here are some recently new things that are good to know.  Be sure to keep reading as each week we post new social media tips to help you learn more for your own business.

What’s New?

Twitter has a new way to make it easy to follow and be followed!  This wonderful little button not only makes it so you can follow all of your “favorites” just by clicking on the bird, but you can add it to your own website, too! How handy is that?

*Follow Twitter accounts direct from their website or blog in just one click!

Google has a new button!  Google +1 is similar in concept the “Like” button on Facebook.  When you click on it, it shares your recommendation with all your Google contacts!  Now this is so new that Google considers it an experiment, so you must opt in to be able to use it.  To learn a little bit more about the button and get it on your site, you can do so here.     

See example of using Google +1 below.

The Google +1 Button is initially rolling out through a selected number of publishers.

‘Google Offers’:  Oh, yes.  Google is starting their coupon program!  Starting in Portland, OR, Google is working with local businesses to help promote by offering discounts to those who opted in to use it.  Google Offers is also looking for businesses who want to sign up with it so they can team up with you, providing you more business and getting your name out there, while you in turn help spread the word!  They eventually intend on teaming with Google Walleta crazy new app that offers a new way to pay.

*See example video below:

See embedded code here:  <object width="640" height="390"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/CjDA_mbkZjE&rel=0&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&version=3"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/CjDA_mbkZjE&rel=0&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&version=3" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="640" height="390"></embed></object>

Twitter Search offers more: As Twitter puts it, Twitter brings the most meaningful information in the world right to your pocket. And, we're constantly working on ways to make that even better.”  Starting soon, when you search on Twitter or click on a topic, you will be provided with not only more relevant results, but you will also be shown photos and videos related to your search topic.  “It's never been easier to get a sense of what's happening right now, wherever your curiosity takes you.” Click on the picture below to learn details about what is new in the Twitter world.


And if that wasn’t enough, here are some awesome new tools:

Shoutomatic:  I must admit, this one really blew me away.  Have you ever noticed that when you type in status updates on Facebook and Twitter, conveying your emotions is very difficult in text.  Well, Shoutomatic has solved that problem for us all.  It is an app you can sign up for through Twitter or Facebook that allows you to record your voice and post status updates that way.  What will they come up with next?  Keep reading…

BO.LT:  BO.LT is an interesting new site that allows you to completely alter (or customize) and web page you choose to share with your fans or followers. To try, just go to the site, type in your email address and it will let you experiment a little.  It is fascinating, to say the least, and I recommend you try it. 

Crowdbooster This new dashboard allows you to keep track of your followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook.  You can see just about everything that has to do with your admiring public on both sites in one place.

Were there any new social media releases that caught your eye?  Please share, because like I said, it can be really hard to keep up!

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