37 Apps You Should Know About to Enhance YOUR Facebook Page (Part 1 of Part 2 Blog)

 Monday, January 31, 2011
Facebook and Social Media changes on a daily basis. Be in the know and be sure to use these applications to enhance your own Facebook page. Become the Leader in Social Media. 

There are thousands of Apps to help you engage with your fans. Here are 75 to become familiar with. These Apps show you how to customize your landing tabs, add videos and photos, add a blog, add chat, add contests, polls, relocation, email, ecommerce, scheduling and much more. 

 Why Facebook Apps? 

By using Facebook Apps you can enhance the experience users have on your page. You will be able to keep them engaged and coming back. You will also be increasing your viral visibility, which means every time someone interacts on your page; it posts on their page, showing their friends that they were on your page. This is FREE advertising! 

You can find the Apps in the Facebook App Directory 

There are literally thousands of apps so make sure to click Business on the right hand menu to narrow your search. Also make sure to focus on Apps that actually publish content to your page. This will help people find the Apps. 

There is also appbistro.com that allows you to browse their comprehensive directory of Apps for businesses. 

With Facebook not allowing us to have custom content/apps on the Wall tab (left column), we need to become more creative to ensure the content on the tabs is actually seen by viewers. 

 A great tracking App via Facebook Insights allows you to see which of your tabs gets the most clicks. 

Focus on the Apps that publish content to your own Fan Page stream. Which would be the page wall and news feed of your fans. Add a few Apps that allow for more engagement at specified times, such as a live streaming video and live chat Apps that are listed below.

Custom Landing Tabs 

It’s important to have a custom branded landing tab that visitors see the first time they go to your page. Jeff Wildman, founder of BrandGlue reported on InsideFacebook that having a custom landing tab doubles conversion to fans: 

 “We ran an A/B test just four weeks ago to guesstimate the efficacy of a landing tab. We drove visitors to the fan page of a major brand using ads. Those ad-driven visitors converted to fans at a rate of approximately 47% WITH a landing tab. When we turned off the landing tab, those same ad-driven visitors converted to fans at approximately 23%. A VERY noticeable loss in conversions over the course of the campaign.” 

The most popular App for creating your custom content is the Static FBML App. You are able to design your own landing pages using html code. Below is an example of the EXHIB-IT landing page: 

 There is also TabSite: They offer a free version as well as two paid versions where you get step by step help designing your own pages. 

 These sites offer easy-to-use templates for putting together your tabs: 

These Apps offer suites of Apps including custom landing tabs. Some of these Apps are free, while others have a fee. 

These are hands on customization services for designers/developers that will essentially do the work for you with affordable rates:

Custom Fan Page Designs 
Likeable Media 

Ways to incorporate YOUR blogs into Facebook: 

A great app for importing your blog onto your Facebook page is Networked Blogs 

Once you add the App to your page, you place the widget on your blog and you can track how many followers you have on your blog. Try adding the Networked Blogs App to your personal profile in addition to your Fan Page. 

RSS Feed and Content Publishers – see these Apps that can easily import any of your content that has an RSS or Atom Feed. You can import your Twitter favorites and Google reader shared items by using the RSS Graffiti App. 

RSS Graffiti 
Social RSS 
Involver – RSS Feed (free version posts to your Tab and a Pro version post to your wall) 
North Social – RSS Feed 
Objective marketer (complete publishing platform – used and recommended by a great marketer named Guy Kawasaki). 


Selective Tweets – This App allows you to post your tweets to your Facebook page by including #fb at the end of your tweet. 

To publish your Facebook content to Twitter, use the Twitter App

 Another great Twitter solution is to install an App that pulls in all your tweets onto a tab but does not publish in the stream. Not sure if you want to do this since a primary goal of tweeting is to view the tweets in your news Feeds to your fans.

• Involvers Twitter Facebook App 
• North Social Twitter Feed Facebook App 

Flickr Photos - Display photos using Flickr Tab App


If you have presentations on SlideShare, you can display them on your Facebook page by installing the SlideShare app. 

You can also set up your SlideShare account so that when you publish new slides it will automatically post the like to your wall. In the next blog we will cover more Apps to use in Facebook! 

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