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 Tuesday, May 03, 2011
Just when you think you are catching up with all the new Facebook changes, here are some more for you.

1.   New Commenting Platform.
Did you know that Facebook rolled out and overhauled their comment system by allowing you to add comments to any web page by using its platform? Facebook allows readers’ comments to be published in their Facebook news feeds. When friends comment back in Facebook, the reply shows up on your site. This is a new feature that all bloggers should check out.  You’ll notice that any comments you go in and write are left under your real name, which spells bad news for those who troll or spam sites.  This new system is far from perfect because there are a lot of people who won’t want to use Facebook to leave comments.  For more information check out this blog:

2.   Facebook Likes Button Clicks Now go to News Feed.
When your readers like something on your site, this now generates an update on their news feeds that looks like a Facebook Share.  It looks like we can have one Facebook button on our blog or website in the future which will be the Facebook Like Button.

3.   LinkedIn Groups Guarantee Relevant Jobs Listing.
The “Jobs” Tab in LinkedIn Groups is now tailored specifically for the group. The jobs are either shared into the group by its members or they match keywords specified by the group manager so they are guaranteed to be relevant.

4.   Google Enhances User Profiles in LinkedIn. 
While Google profiles have been around for some time to help you “connect to other public online services and improve your search results,” the new design now lets you “highlight” the information that is most important to you.  See example below:

Here are a few new social media tools that you may be interested in checking in to.

5.   “Speaker” Platform:  
This is an audio platform that allows you to create, broadcast and share a personal radio show across the Internet in a simple and accessible way. Now podcasters and bloggers have an easier way to keep in touch with their audience by audio.

6.   Fflap.
This is a new social selling tool for eBay to help sellers reach more people to sell their items faster.

You can now create a unique QR code and a profile page where you can easily change, replace or update the code’s content at any time you want or need.  See this Video:
<iframe src="" width="400" height="225" frameborder="0"></iframe><p><a href="">uQRme spot</a> from <a href="">uQRme</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>
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