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As small business owners that work with many small businesses in the nation, we have watched companies struggle with the how and when to market for their business. The demand for constructive change and the speed of change in today’s world is unprecedented. We wanted to help small business owners identify the right market and communicate the right image and message to the right audience.  It is no longer a right brain or left brain world; it is the combination for full brain marketing that will work best for businesses in today’s competitive intelligence world.

Today’s customers are more empowered and connected with the Internet, social media, search engine optimization, forums, and collaborative communities, and this is causing a shift in the balance of the power for marketing. Companies must rethink how they interact with their customers to stay innovative and continue to grow. There are so many new ways in which to acquire valuable insights into one’s customer, ways in which to create game-changing ideas, and methods for reducing risk.  The market has become a forum in which consumers play an active role in creating and competing for value. The distinguishing feature of this new revolution is that consumers become a new source of knowledge and information for the company. The competency that customers bring is a function of the knowledge and skills they possess, along with their willingness to learn and experiment, and their ability to engage in an active dialogue through social media feedback.

Customers are embracing change and adapting to new product offerings faster than ever and businesses must innovate if they are to have any reasonable chance of growth. But Innovating successfully is not easy, especially when marketing that innovation.  It can be costly, time consuming and, worst of all, if not done properly, odds are that it will fail. Explore & uncover some of the ways to tie in traditional, digital and social media marketing to lead a business to success and avoid unnecessary mistakes, obstacles and easily avoided failures.  With today’s hypercompetitive environment, it is even more prevalent than ever before to be a forward thinker and a visionary leader in marketing for one’s business. Are you ready to open your industry to the invaluable benefits of Full BRAIN Marketing topics for your next meeting, conference, event or trade show? Looking to learn a little more about what Full BRAIN Marketing can do for your business, but don’t know where to start?

The answer may be to hire Full BRAIN Marketing to speak at your next meeting, expo, convention
or trade show!

Our Branding and Marketing Consultants and Co-Founder and Author of Full BRAIN Marketing – for the Small Business are qualified branding, marketing, and social media marketing speakers and teachers of many aspects of Marketing. We combine innovative marketing strategies with practical business sense to teach our audience that it’s not just about being in business – it’s about building a brand, marketing your brand and your message and building a strong online presence on a website and in social media that converts traffic into business!

Our branding, marketing and social media marketing speakers share how their own company’s branding efforts, marketing initiatives, internet marketing and social media marketing skills and experiences can and should be applied to industries across the board. The team’s ability to combine cutting edge small business marketing strategies and technology with practical business application add a unique spin to the emerging field of internet marketing and social media marketing.


DJ Heckes
Marketing Specialist
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Brad Stevenson
Personal Development Specialist
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