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Full Brain Internet Marketing ServicesWhile many online marketing firms flaunt their proprietary, black box keyword-finding software, we begin our research by talking to you and your staff to learn about your business and work with you for a comprehensive marketing plan that is custom to your needs. We do this to learn your unique business goals and concerns so the internet marketing campaign captures the essence of your message and attracts the broadest base of customers searching the web. The more complex your business, the more important it is that we thoroughly understand it so as to target your most potential customers. 

After we have a thorough understanding of your business, we use software tools for generating an extensive internet marketing campaign. We produce your ads and bid on keywords based on feedback loops that are tied to research and real time data. We look at the big picture. We know dozens of proprietary methods for increasing leads while decreasing costs.

At Full BRAIN Marketing, we prefer our customers to have high rankings for both paid listings (sponsored links or "Pay Per Click" ads) and natural organic searches, but only when both are cost-effective. Contrary to accepted myths, we have often seen the highest and best converting traffic from paid search. Since we have the ability to budget, test and control a paid search campaign, we optimize each campaign in several ways to improve sales. We use Pay Per Click Campaigns to understand your best converting keywords, while optimizing your content for landing pages so that we can best determine the direction for your organic search campaigns.
Every market is different. We tailor an internet marketing campaign that focuses on maximizing lead flow with extensive testing and feedback loops. Market research and testing does not always yield instant results that make sense. However, it should always make profits. Full BRAIN Marketing works with a focus on driving bottom line results for our customers.

Is your Internet Marketing Effort giving you Remarkable Advantages?
Being a business owner in today’s competitive global environment requires a strategic internet marketing focus. With technological development and the growth of global trade means that today's business environment changes more rapidly than ever before. Business owners can no longer afford to rely on gut instinct or intuition when making strategic business decisions. In many industries, the consequence of one wrong decision could take your company out of business. 

According to the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, research shows that competitive intelligence increases a company’s strategic planning "comfort level."
Source: Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. The next time you are looking to grow your business, be sure to ask how we can gather, analyze, and help you apply information about your competitors to your marketing campaigns.

What We Offer
  • Complete package for gathering competitive intelligence on your competition 
  • Meta Keyword Analysis - identify and obtain your competitive website's meta keyword data.
  • Subdomains – A list of subdomains used by your competitor's domain.
  • Search Engine Marketing – a comprehensive analysis of your top competitors in your field.
  • Search Engine Rankings - a list of keywords your competitor ranks in the top 100 for.
  • Top Referrers - a report that lists all sites that link to and send traffic to your competition.
  • Search Query Reports - a list of the “search terms” that drive traffic to your competition.
  • Paid Search Campaigns – A list of keyword phrases your competition bids on.
  • Ongoing Monitoring – Monitoring your competitor's website to notify you of important changes and/or new product launches and their search campaigns.
  • Reputation Management - as part of our reputation management service, we monitor what is being said about your competitor in social media, the blogosphere, and niche forums.

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